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Alexis Roberts is an African American dancer, choreographer and activist from New York City. She especially enjoys performing jazz funk and hip hop styles and demonstrates so clearly her love for storytelling through her choreography. Alexis was a contestant on America’s Got Talent season 10, as well as BET’s Spring Bling Revamped 2004. She has also worked with various artists, such as Lil Wayne, Juelz Santana, and La Insuperable. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Dance from Hofstra University as well as an associate’s degree from Dean College School of Dance. For the past ten years, she has created, produced, directed, and choreographed multiple theater pieces with young people from The Bronx with the intention of creating opportunities for them to merge the arts with social justice. She has also had the privilege of producing a mini theater piece requested by U.S representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with her youth demonstrating a call for social and political justice. Her version of peace on Earth is everyone living out one’s divine purpose, creating ripples of inspiration that truly reflect a transformed world.

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